A Garden Lovely Lanai Patio

Lanai Patio Modern Design

A Garden Lovely Lanai Patio – A patio require planning permission if it counts as an extension, that is something that increases the building’s volume or mean that the space under the deck can be used as storage. It is mainly the size, height and design that determines if a deck is an extension or not. There are no exact measurements when a deck becomes an extension, either in terms of size or height.

The most common option is to create a lovely garden lanai patio is to build a patio or wooden deck adjacent to the house. Such are usually built of larch, cedar, pressure-treated wood or wood composite. The basis used blocks or pillars.

A lanai patio floors of wood or wood composite is easy to put on a par with the house, and could be a lovely spare room that prolong the summer season. If the floor and the body is stable enough, the terrace turns into a conservatory or equipped with a roof. It is also easy to build a patio in wood in different levels. Even the sofas, pots and planks can be assembled with a patio in wood.

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