Awsome Casablanca Ceiling Fan

Add a Light to Casablanca Ceiling Fan

Casablanca ceiling fan – To add a light to casablanca ceiling fan casablanca ceiling fan first steps is turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to the Casablanca ceiling fan in the main panel. Feel breaker to warn others about the work being done. Second remove the three decorative cap screws located at the bottom of the fan through appropriate screwdriver. Turn the screws counterclockwise. Third remove the decorative cap by pulling it straight down. You will notice a plug-in connector with a small red square suspended by wires. The connector on Casablanca light kit also has a red square.

Fourthstepas to add light to casablanca ceiling fan is raise the light kit assembly to the fan and attach the connector from the kit to the connector on the fan. Line up the two red squares when connecting the connectors to each other. Make sure the plugs are completely. Fiveth connect light kit base for the fan, tucking plug wires as you do. Replace and tighten the three base screws clockwise with a screwdriver.

Sixth install bulbs in their sockets and tighten clockwise by hand. 7th pass the pull chain from light kit through the center of the metal disc that comes with the kit. The disc supports the back of the translucent bowl, covering light and slides over the threaded shaft. Last install the bowl, the lower decorative cap and finial nut. Before the chain through each element in turn. Turn the nut counterclockwise on threaded stud and tighten by hand. Your new light at casablanca ceiling fan done.

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