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Adding a Modern Stair Runners to Your Home

Modern stair runners – If your house has a wooden staircase, you can consider adding a stair runner. This rug for your stairs, literally, the carpets were “walking up the stairs.” Most people do not think about adding carpet for stairs; however, it could be a dramatic improvement to your home.

Modern stair runners are a great addition to many reasons. First, they can calm the noise coming from the creaking wooden staircase. It also makes the stairs warmer when walking with bare feet. Runners also provide more traction when going up and down. Wood can be slippery, especially if it is dusty. With the carpet on the stairs, you tend to slip and fall.

Modern stair runners also protect hardwood floors. Although wood is durable, it can get scuff marks and scratches, especially when there is a lot of traffic on them. By covering it with carpet, you can protect the area from ladders are used for walking, helps them last longer. It also makes the stairs warmer when walking with bare feet. A runner staircase allows homeowners to add beauty and elegance to all those stairs. Runners come in a variety of colors, styles and patterns, so that every homeowner can show their unique personalities.

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