Adding Board and Batten Wainscoting

Popular Board and Batten Wainscoting

Board and batten wainscoting – wainscoting, a type of raised wall covers usually made of wood, covers the lower part of an inner wall. Not only wainscoting adds style on the wall, protecting the lower part of the wall from dents, dings and dents. If you currently have a board and batten wall, you can still install wainscoting, but you must remove the mats on the bottom of the wall first.

Adding board and batten wainscoting, measure from the bottom of the wall to the desired peak height of the wainscoting. Although this is generally between 32 and 34 inches, it may be something the height you want. Remember that a wainscoting cap will add an additional 2 to 3 inches to the height. Figure in this measurement. Snap a chalk line from one corner of the wall to the other to represent the top line of wainscoting cover. Cut the mats along the chalk line with a handsaw. The carpets are thick strips overlaying seams where wall boards meet.

After that for adding board and batten wainscoting. Remove carpets from the wall below the cut line with a flat iron. Drag any remaining nails from the wall boards. Let the bat on the upper part of the wall. Install wainscoting cover first, pushing it below the lower edge of the cut sheets. The top of the wainscoting cap should be flush with the chalk line. Start in one corner of the wall, and install the first wainscoting card slot edge in the corner and the tongue edge facing out. Nail the first board in place with the pneumatic Pinned, puts 4d finish nails 1/2 inch from the corner and eight inches apart.

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