Asbestos Floor Tile Removal Ideas

Asbestos Floor Tile Removal Picture

Asbestos floor tile removal – Preparation Tips for asbestos floor tile removal, Since asbestos moves undetected through the air, creating a closed perimeter it is important to contain asbestos fibers. Buy a plastic sheet to create a work perimeter. Hang plastic doors and windows and wall covering passage through the cuts. Use a knife to cut a hole in the plastic to enter the space. Use a piece of tape to keep the opening closed.Limit the number of people who can enter the perimeter. Rent a respirator so you can work without inhaling asbestos fibers.Tools required to remove tiles include dry disposable cloths, water hammer, spatula, sponges, dish washing detergent and heavy plastic garbage bags.

Asbestos floor tile removal, Mix one cup of dish washing detergent in a bucket of 5 gallons of water. Use a disposable cloth to moisten the tile floor with water. This helps loosen the adhesive glue if removing laminate tile. Use a putty knife and hammer to pry tile floor.

Asbestos floor tile removal, Place all floor tiles, clothing and other disposable materials in a garbage bag thick plastic. Seal the bag before removing it from the demarcated area.You may need to use scrubbers to completely remove the adhesive glue. Wash the floor thoroughly with dish washing detergent and water.Remove work clothes immediately after leaving the defined area. Shower and put on fresh clothes.

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