Attractive and Decorative Coffered Ceiling Kits

Coffered ceiling kits are home design elements that give interest to ceiling, which is often overlooked in home furnishings. A roof with deep coffers and wide beams works best when installed in rooms with high ceilings. According to Neal Barrett, author of Ultimate Guide to architectural ceiling treatments, a coffered ceiling overwhelm a small room with a low ceiling.

Coffered ceiling kits are from advanced Victorian look to function forming and pendants for English country styles with rich wooden beams. Coffered ceilings do it yourself kits are available. Cassette consists of beams, which can be solid hardwood or faux beams. Coffin, or recessed area, is also known as a caisson or slot. Coffered ceilings are often thought only of grand or traditional, but monochromatically painted coffered ceilings with twin beams and shallow coffers have a modern, simple look.

Coffered ceiling kits can be added with trim pieces alone. A coffin is a decorative sunken panel in roof, soffit, dome or vault. Roof must not have domes, vaults or be immersed to give this grand dimensional appearance. Cut out posts to form square or rectangular box protruding forms of any style. An octagon with graduated trim can be built on roof in middle of a room or entrance hall. Applying cast or custom medallions in center, adding a rich, eye-catching detail to it.

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