Barn Door Lock for Interior Decoration

Barn Door Lock Hardware

Barn door lock – when we talk about interior decoration, we do not usually give importance to the doors, however choose a door type or another, you can completely change the image of your home. Today we’ll show doors that have become trend: barn door type.

Type barn doors are not a new design, but have become a trend in interior decoration. As we know about barn door lock. They are American-inspired sliding doors, which were formerly put in barns and farms that still remain large, they were easy to open and close.

The most American, the type typically American rustic barn doors are made of untreated wood, they have crossbars, horizontal or X-shaped, and often two wrought iron bars that cross horizontally. The system guides and hardware to make the sliding door is a whole world, barn door lock decorative. The most common is to have a rail “on the air” i.e. the pulley system on which the sliding door is completely visible, but there are also boxed or semi visible. Would you like to give an American touch to your apartment in Barcelona?

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