Beach Style Living Room Ideas Pretty

Beach Style Living Room Ideas Ceiling

Beach style living room ideas – Adding a beach theme to your living room will create a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. Essence of beach can be captured using colors found on beach and with decorative beach elements like seashells.

key to catching a beach style living room ideas theme in your living room is to use beach colors. Choose nude colors similar to shade of sand, light blue and turquoise to capture color of sea, and shades of brown plus pristine white to offer a natural contrast. Depending on your preference and size of your room, paint walls nude or white, with naked for larger spaces and white for smaller spaces. Depending on layout and your tastes, you can also consider painting a wall, light blue or turquoise.

Choose rustic wooden furniture for end tables and your coffee table. Choose light or unfinished wood and wicker furniture for your sofa and chairs with white, blue or nude pillows. Add contrasting throw pillows from same color palate. For example, if you choose a white sofa, add blue and turquoise throw pillows, and if you choose a deep blue sofa, add white and sand-colored throw pillows. It’s ideal for beach style living room ideas.

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