Inexpensive Window Treatments 2016

Beautiful but Inexpensive Window Treatments

Inexpensive window treatments – Budgets can be strained sometimes due to refurbishment project surprises. One of best places you can save, but still be stylish is on windows. Basic window treatments can be effective and beautiful. Objective to keep an eye on when rethinking a window dressing exercise is harmony. Make a list of priorities for windows.

Not all windows must be dressed in a cloth treatment. Some inexpensive window treatments may be sufficient “jewels” of interest. For a 36-inch window, install two small screw eyes on 12-inch mark from every corner. Buy four colored glass window accents in a subject that is already established in space. Use monofilament to hang accents in window of staggered heights by looping monofilament through screw eyes. Buy best stained glass accents budget will make it possible to achieve success.

Buy an inexpensive window treatments lace panel scored with holes running vertically through pattern. Run a piece of tape from bottom to top through each hole, leaving some extra bands at top.

Covering a spring tension rod with tape made of same ribbon, only bigger. Install spring tension rod inside window frame. Attach lace panel to pole by tying ribbons around pole with additional bands to left top of panel. Arrange length of remaining tape neatly over bar to finish this window dressing.