Beautiful Laminate Wood Floor

Interior Laminate Wood Floor

Laminate wood floor – Few coatings are as beautiful and colorful as laminate floors, although inadequate maintenance technique can leave you with scratches, dirt and stains. To prevent this from happening, we have these recommendations for cleaning and maintenance to give you.

Avoid using waxes and pastes gloss laminate wood floor, because often leave a layer that facilitates the accumulation of dirt. It is best to deep clean once a month or regularity you prefer, with a solution of three tablespoons of white vinegar alcohol in 4 liters of clean water, applying spray and passing the mop or a soft cloth by surface. Then, go over again with only water (to remove residue and the smell of vinegar) and finally with a cotton cloth to give good gloss.

To better gloss laminate wood floor, it is best to keep them clean and go over well with mop or soft cloth, rubbing gently. Commercial products leave residues brightness, while the other cleaning systems may scratch the surface. The application of waxes, paints and marine varnishes wood eventually leave the dull and lacking its splendor floor: a daily preventive maintenance is all you need to make your home shine from the bottom up, and remain always spotless.

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