Beautiful Owl Bedroom Decor

Girls Owl Bedroom Decor

Beautiful Owl Bedroom Decor – Decorating children’s rooms can be somewhat complicated if we do not know how to apply the child decoration in a bedroom. Owl bedroom decor has me in love. They are fashionable and we can see them everywhere, in clothing and home furnishings. They are so tender that go well in any environment, so you can propose owls to decorate the nursery. Needless to invade the fourth of these birds with big eyes, not a matter of frightening the kid, just knowing how to choose four or five basic pieces that give personality to the room.

The example of a beautiful owl bedroom decor in gray and coral, nothing usual colors for a baby, but they combine very well and both child to child. You can also combine gray with fuchsia, turquoise or green apple. Vibrant with a neutral color always provide visual contrast and gives ample room for accessories.

Owl bedroom decor was chosen mobile owls to place above the crib, hanging element besides adds colorful entertain baby. Above a drawer changer placed in gray tones, also with owls, a table lamp and a table where the players are also owls. Finally, they were chosen ornaments and beautiful cloth dolls owls to place on shelves and dressers.

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