Beautiful Wall Mounted Shelves

Diy Wall Mounted Shelves

Wall mounted shelves – Let wall-mounted shelves in beautiful wood finish as oak, teak, walnut, mahogany, pine and chestnut transform any room in your home. You can buy ready-made shelves in different sizes, colors and finishes on home improvement store, or you can use reclaimed or fresh lumber to fashion your own shelves. What you do with shelves makes empty walls look more interesting, organizes space and creates more floor space.

One of biggest challenges in a real home is how to organize clutter. Your pantry is a perfect place to transform wall mounted shelves. For example, you can remove wire racks spaced so far apart vertically in pantry. Select wooden shelves in same latitude for creating twice as many shelves. Stack foods by size, with shelves for jam and marmalade, glass, soup cans, large cans, boxes of dry goods, spices, soda cans, noodles and other sundries. This type of organization makes it easy to find things quickly and is perfect solution for shallow wall space

Your utility is one of those often-neglected places perfect for adding wall mounted shelves. most obvious place to install a large wall-mounted shelf over washer and dryer. You can add multiple shelves, depending on room size, to store other household items. These shelves will hide things, you can usually save in linen and coat closets, areas below sinks and kitchen pantries. Whether you store cleaning supplies, blankets, cloths, sleeping bags or diverse, utility shelves are entitled to household stuff out of way in a room used only a few times a week.

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