Beauty of Contemporary Stair Railing

Contemporary Stair Railing Floating


Contemporary stair railing – function always sets standard in any design. Ensuring elements strictly necessary to achieve a comfortable and also stylish space or environment. Then applying this concept to stair rail, it is ideal to place least amount of elements necessary. Covering only vital parts of stairway, where two parallel lines of steel make a cord to skirt Perimeter of ladder.

Contemporary stair railing in Geometric shapes is elements that never go out of fashion as long as they are handled with proper aesthetics and proportion. Railing of image shows an angular proposal. And with breaks in style of a truss, all made in black steel to avoid recharging design.

A good design is one that seeks to integrate element with its environment. And one way to attach stairs to space where they will be project is to embed them. In corners or niches of house, this way, you can make walls themselves are sill of circulation core. Avoiding any kind of ornament or extra element. Beauty of contemporary stair railing and without breaks lies in its continuous lines. And also without any interruption. Perfect complement for this type of vertical circulation are perpendicular elements that emphasize this infinite. And elongated quality, such as stainless steel railings that can perfectly be manufacture in one piece and to measure.

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