The Best Beveled Subway Backsplash Tile

Subway Backsplash Tile Accents

Subway Backsplash Tile – This tile is a rectangular ceramic piece of very thin thickness that on the one hand is enameled. It is usually presented in glossy finish for easy cleaning. Most often it is beveled. This means that it has a recess in the sides leaving the center thicker than the edges. The flat piece is also common, especially in the United States and England. In Spain the one that is placed more is the white beveled tile.

Nowadays this tile represents a mixture of tradition and modernity. Designers from all over the world have surrendered to the vintage décor. And are seen as a vanguard aesthetic reference providing warmth with their forms. In counterpoint to the cooler lines of modern design with subway backsplash tile.

Mixing uniqueness and simplicity, this tile can clad the walls of a vintage kitchen or retro bathroom as well as decorate the bar of a trendy restaurant. In the past it was very common to place them on the facades of the buildings making drawings around the doors or windows. This ceramic can be found in a great diversity of colors that will adapt to everything that your imagination has been able to think. The most frequent colors are the white and the gray, but also it is lodged with the cream, black, red and pink. Apart from these, there are also silver or gold colors. The largest variety of tile colors is on the subway backsplash tile floor.

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