The Best Tips Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

Feature Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

Oil rubbed bronze ceiling fan – The models more new Hunter ceiling fans do not require lubrication of bearings, but they are submerged in an oil reservoir in some older models. You should check the oil level in the reservoir from time to time, or when your fan start do noise, and add oil to keep them properly lubricated bearings. If they are not properly lubricated, may have malfunction and shorten the life of your fan.

Instructions oil rubbed bronze ceiling fan: 1) Lubricate your ceiling fan bearings Hunter at least once a year or if the blades begin to jam or make noise when move. 2) Locate the oil hole on the Hunter ceiling fan. The hole is likely to be located near the top of the fan motor and around its shank. 3) Fold the end of a pipe cleaner on a hook 1.2 cm and place its tip in the opening of the oil hole. The models were not Hunter designed to consume oil quickly, but if the end of the pipe cleaner comes dry, you need to measure 30 ml of engine oil, the equivalent of two tablespoons, to fill the reservoir. 4) Add the engine oil rubbed bronze ceiling fan measured in the appropriate hole with an eyedropper.

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