Best Way to Plug in Wall Sconce

Plug in Wall Sconce Swing Arm

Plug in wall sconce – Adding wall sconces to your home bring a decorative touch in a hallway, bedroom, bathroom or stairs. Determine how many wall sconces you want to buy based on how much light your room requires and where to place furniture. Turn off the electricity to the wires you work. Cut holes in the wall outlet boxes where you want to mount fixtures. Install wall sconces about six meters above floor level.

Run wires in the wall to outlet boxes so wires hang six inches out in front of the box. Put the box in the hole and tighten the outlet box screws to lock it in place. Fasten bar plug in wall sconce for your outlet box with instructions in the packaging of your product. Wires fitting to your house wire. Black tripod wires, when black house wires, should white fixture wires at the white house wires.

Fit a wire connector over the wires and screw it clockwise until there is a firm connection. Gently pull the plug out of the wires. Connect the ground wire from the fixture (if supplied) to the ground wire from the electric field by means of a small wire connectors or wrapping these two wires around a grounding screw on the mounting bar. Tuck the wires gently into the outlet box. Screw bulbs in plug in wall sconce.

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