Wood Floor Finishes

Best Wood Floor Finishes


Wood floor finishes – we have already spoken several times of wood. One of our favorite to decorate every corner of house, with different tendencies materials. From English decor more authentic, to inspiration of Mediterranean, Italian style more chic or rustic trends more natural. Wood is a very important in countless decorations and environments element. So in today’s article we’ll explain what types of wood finishes there.

color, veining or drawings of wood, and even finish of this material so noble, are some things you should take into account when choosing a decorative style. So, in most classic and sophisticated trends, we can move to a rural and rustic decor. As regards wood floor finishes, you can choose between different options at your fingertips. If you are looking for a modern style that also resists stains and strokes, it is best to opt for varnished wood.

You can also choose untreated wood that has a very natural, simple, minimalist finish. drawback is that it requires a much more rigorous maintenance. In any specialized trade you will also find wood to oil, which ensures a silky and delicate appearance. problem is that it also requires a lot of care. For your hardwood floors, you can also apply a water-based finish, which is quite durable and resists very well over time. Another option is wax, although it will take longer to dry. And finally, we recommend decoration acrylic impregnated. To give you an idea, this finish offers so much resistance and durability, which is widely used in shopping malls and restaurants. What wood floor finishes you like best?

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