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Red oak hardwood flooring – Oak flooring has become the preferred standard flooring in the United States for many years, and for good reason. Oak attractive, durable, and versatile enough to be used in almost any room, both red oak and white oak wood flooring is a popular choice, but what is the difference between the two, exactly? Is one of the varieties that are better suited for the dining room? How the bedroom? Is one of the varieties that are more durable than others?

The following article discusses both red oak hardwood flooring and white oak floors in four important categories in terms of strength and power Hold, Form, Movement in the Service and Maintenance and compare the results side by side. If you have a project that involves oak floor and you cannot decide between red and white, consider the following information before deciding. You’ll be glad you did.

For most homeowners, the appearance of wood flooring is very important. Red oak hardwood flooring has a tight, complex grain pattern and light, warm tones. Red oak tends to have a reddish-brown wood and warm, luminous tones, while white features pale tones and dark contrasts.

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