Build Tongue & Groove Rolling Barn Doors

Stainless Steel Rolling Barn Doors

A rolling barn door is similar to a sectional door which is composed of interconnected sections that provide great flexibility. This is because when the roller door, which is wound around a drum above the opening is opened. Most of these doors are made of a sturdy aluminum, so a common choice for commercial and industrial complexes. This style of door does not open out, so it is ideal for those who have short driveways. It is a strong choice for garages with high ceilings or no space in the overhead to keep the door parallel to the ceiling.

Inspect the rolling barn doors to ensure that the structure is in good condition and that everything is square. You can use a square to check this. If there is a jamb makes sure that this is true and straight. Decide on the dimensions of your door. Set a pair of sawhorses and cut each board as. We will deal with the width and the back of the door soon.

Cut and fit each panel together to place the tongue into the groove. Keep adding more panels to the full width is at least 2 larger than the width of opening calculated inches. Make sure that the language of each table is set firmly in the groove of the next meeting. Cut the tongue of the first board with a circular saw. Make sure the edge is square and that all language is eliminated.

Place two studs on the back and make sure that every tongue and groove board is connected at least once to each taco. Also make sure that the tabs and slots are tight. Place the cleat at the top and bottom of the back of the rolling barn doors. You can connect fastening systems with short wood screws (1¼ to 1½ inches long).




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