Expandable Wall Mounted Drying Rack

Build a Wall Mounted Drying Rack

Wall mounted drying rack – A wall mounted clothes drying rack is not only a great space saver, but also an energy saver. Many people today choose to hang dry clothes as energy costs rise. A wall mounted clothes rack requires very few materials and less than an hour to construct.

Drill six 1/2-inch holes in both the 30-inch sheets. Space in the center of the holes five inches apart starting at one inch from one end. Drill directly through the boards. Drill slowly to avoid splitting.  Adhesive two inches of each end of the dowel holes in the 30-inch oak boards. This will make a wall mounted drying rack to six dowels that is 28-inches to 30-inches.  Screw a 28-inch oak table to one side of the rack, with two screws through each end of the 28-inch board at the ends of the 30-inch board. Screws should be parallel to the grain of the 30-inch board.

Screw two hinges for the last 28-inch table, two inches from each end of the forum. This board will be screwed to the wall with four 3-inch screws.  Screw the other side of the hinges to the 28-inch board attached to the wall mounted drying rack.  Screw the 28-inch board that is not screwed to the rack to the wall. Be sure to screw into studs.  Screw an eye-hook 30- inches over the 28-inch board and make sure that it is centered 14 inches from each end. Screw another eye hook in the 14-inch center of the dowel that is furthest away from the wall.