Ceiling Fan Globes Cool in the Home

Ceiling Fan Globes Beautiful Ideas


A ceiling fan globes is a great way to keep your home cool and save on costs energy, keeping the cold air circulating throughout your home. Most of them come equipped with a socket that can use a lamp with voltage up to 100 watts. The bulbs tend to burn, leaving it with a dark room until it is replaced. The lamp removal of a ceiling fan can be easily accomplished in about five minutes.

Ceiling fan globes can play an important role in your home. A ceiling fan can help keep your home cool, forcing the warm air out. A ceiling fan can be used to remove dirt and moist air from the living room, bathroom or kitchen.

Use a ladder to reach the fan. Push the glass dome inside with both hands and twist counter-clockwise to release it. Go down the stairs and place the glass dome over a surface flat. Climb the stairs and gently take the lamp. Twist it anti-clockwise until it comes out of the socket. If it is hot, use a towel soft cloth to remove it. Twist the new bulb in the socket clockwise until tight. Take the glass dome, push up and turn clockwise until it is tight. Slowly take your hands to the summiting sure that it is attached to the ceiling fan globes.

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