Installing Ceiling Mount Curtain Rods

Light curtains extending from the ceiling to the floor are an elegant decoration of a room addition. A simple method for installing ceiling mount curtain rods on the wall or…

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Vinyl Soffit Ceiling

Soffit Ceiling Building Idea

Soffit Ceiling – There is a good chance to have the lower part of the building construction installed. You just need to walk out your door and saw to the…

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Best Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Instructions for Installing a Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Tongue and groove ceiling – Tongue and groove ceilings give a room with warmth and dimension to the traditional ceilings missing. More commonly seen on walls and floors, the tongue…

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Ceiling Light with Pull Chain and Fan

Perfect Ceiling Light with Pull Chain

Ceiling light with pull chain is perfect for your farm themed cuisine. Switch pulls chain light on ceiling light on and off function lamp lighting. If your ceiling light has…

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Pretty Vaulted Ceiling Lighting

Ideas for Vaulted Ceiling Lighting

Vaulted ceiling lighting – Large Ceiling Fan; A large ceiling fan is a good option for vaulted ceiling lighting, preferably one with a long pole. It will help to circulate…

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