Charming Stair Landing Idea

Contemporary Stair Landing


Stair landing – An oval mirror hanging on the wall can provide some visual relief from the straight lines and rectangles of stairs. While a tall and narrow mirrors helps create the illusion of another set of stairs and thus more space. Select mirror having intricate brass, gold or silver frames. As it will be very little that they must compete with the corner. You can also choose a beveled mirror for a more impressive, imaginative look.

A short bookshelf can offer you an area both comic books and placing small ornaments. A higher bookcase can also be a good choice, but it is important not to get a bookcase so high that it will overwhelm the stairs. Or make them feel cramped. If you have a large stair landing, you might consider turning it into a reading nook by placing a comfortable chair by the bookcase.

If your stair landing space is particularly large, you can install a daybed flush against the wall. There may be another place for guests to sleep if you have a business. And it can also be a place where you can take a nap during the day. Use a colorful bedspread to add some color to landing. And select a daybed that matches the rest of the furniture.

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