Choose a Modern Ceiling Medallion

Popular Modern Ceiling Medallion

Modern ceiling medallion – A medallion is an easy way to add a decorative touch to your home roof. This usually ignored space can be much more aesthetically attractive by the addition of one of these decorative pieces. Adding a locket can also increase the overall beauty of your room as it draws viewers’ eyes to the ceiling and, when properly selected, echoing themes before the rest of the space. To ensure that your ceiling medallion addition is beneficial, be careful when choosing a medallion for your space.

Choose a modern ceiling medallion, Calculate the size of your room. A ceiling medallion can easily become overwhelming if yahoos a u choose one that is too large for your space. Measure your room and calculate surfaces to determine how large medallion room houses. Measure the fixture that has to fit into the center. Decide on a shape. Most medals are round, although some more contemporary options are available in other forms. Determine the shape that best suits your needs and fits in your room theme.

Select a color to accent your decor. Place a plain wooden medallion on the ceiling, or use a plaster medallion is white or painted to match the predominant colors in your space. To make your medallion pop, paint a different color than the surrounding roof. To supplement more understated, choose one in the same shade as your existing roof space. Select a pattern that fit the room’s current aesthetic. Medallions vary in style from simple to ornate. Think of your room design and select a modern ceiling medallion that echo the shapes and feel as the rest of the space.

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