Choose Rustic Wood Ceiling Planks or Walls

Outdoor Wood Ceiling Planks

Wood ceiling planks – Do you want a classic wooden ceiling with a rustic touch? Search that boards have a unified and harmonious appearance, and therefore, they are suitable for both wall and ceiling coverings. If you choose a pure natural material like pine for your walls or ceilings, you contribute to a good indoor climate. You must specify the length you want, in the comments box at checkout. Have we not the length of stock we will contact you. Would you like to make the rooms bright, simply paint the wood ceiling planks white, so you avoid the untreated wood gets dark.

You make mostly wooden ceilings of profile boards and it is typically in homes and in detached houses from the 1960s and 70s that you look ceilings of wood. The advantages of choosing wood as your ceiling are that it is an inexpensive solution that is also easy to mount. Do you have an existing wooden ceiling, which is untreated or painted, it’s probably been dark. Selecting wood ceiling planks for wall cladding in your home, you can also easily paint them in the color you want and that fits the decor. Light walls always give a feeling of more light and air in the room.

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