Choosing Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings above Bed

Wall hangings-Wall decor need not only add color or pattern to a room. Create a sense of balance in all the rooms with symmetrical hangings. Use mathematical principles such as geometry to create similar angles in the bedroom, living room or even dining rooms. Instead of relying on furniture or room shape itself to add a sense of symmetry, quilts, tapestries, draping fabric or other similar wall hangings can transform a room visually from unbalanced to the straight and calm.

Select an even number of wall hangings, such as two or four that have very similar styles, sizes, shapes and colors or patterns. Although you do not necessarily have to choose perfectly matching wall hangings, they should be sufficiently similar to create a continuous appearance and maintain an overall balance symmetry once hung.Select two opposite walls. Search for walls that have more empty space and are free of multiple windows or oversized furniture. Measure the height of each wall hanging. To create a sense of symmetry, each wall hanging should be at exactly the same height. Select 58 inches for an eye-level display. Pull the tape measure from the floor right up. Mark 58 inches with a light pencil line for your first wall hangings.

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