Choosing Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Modern Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Wall mount kitchen faucet – The kitchen faucet is an essential element that shares the sink a relevant space in the room and that influences the comfort, style or water consumption, between others. Currently, you found a variety of taps that allow you to save space, adapt the pipe to the needs of use, avoid obstacles or even open and close the flow of water through a pedal.

Wall mount kitchen faucet, the first criterion of choice depends on the installation of the tap and the taps can be embedded in the countertop or wall.  The type of taps installed on the counter is the most common in kitchens. You need two hoses (one for cold water and another for hot) that are passed through the hole in the countertop; two rods (threaded rods) where screws are placed; and a board of plastic (a kind of horseshoe) not to touch the metal part with the counter.

If you choose a mural model wall mount kitchen faucet, which frees up space on the counter it is very important that you measure the distance between the water intakes located on the wall to choose a model that fits tap that measure. Jack’s taps are fixed and there are several measures of separation between axes of the shots: the most common is 15 cm, but there are models of 11 cm, 13 and up to 20 cm apart wheelbase shots.

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