How to Clean Terracotta Floor Tile

Awesome Terracotta Floor Tile

Terracotta floor tile – A type of floor popular for kitchens, baths, entrances and patios is terracotta. The terracotta tiles are durable, conceal spills and stains and are fairly easy to clean. Whether you want to clean your floors terracotta daily or weekly, the process is the same and can be completed in less than an hour. Choose floor cleaner that serves to clean the tile and always use it to clean your floor.

Sweeps the terracotta floor tile to collect dirt, debris or solid particles. Be sure to sweep all hard to reach areas. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt or pick it up with a shovel. Prepare the floor cleaner in a bucket with hot water according to package directions. Mop floor, starting from one end and progressing to the other. Use movements forward and backward on the tiles to remove the stuck dirt and spills. Discard the dirty water and preparing a new cleaning solution as often as necessary.

If necessary, use a brush to remove dry stains does not remove the mop. Use the brush in circles pressing firmly. Do not use a wire brush, as this could scratch the surface of the terracotta floor tile. Let the floor dry thoroughly with the air before returning to step on it or use an old towel to dry.

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