How to Clean Terracotta Tile Floor

Terracotta Tile Floor Indoor

Another of the disadvantages that the terracotta tile floor is that if you have not received treatment from the first day they were placed, with the passage of time and because of its easy permeability,  the enamel begins to lose its natural shine and is becoming white and dirty, this is also due to lime containing water when scrubbing. But do not panic, that with good maintenance these floors are an excellent attraction for the stay, besides being durable and very resistant.

To do this, without effort or turn to professionals, we can use these recommendations and fairly easy and effective than advice to clean terracotta tile floor that we show below. To remove white spots, we can clean daily with water and bleach without rubbing too much. Once scrubbed, we’ll have to rinse with water. Another way to remove white spots will scrub the floors with water and vinegar, no need to rinse.

This way of cleaning the terracotta tile floor, it is also quite effective. It is to acquire specialty stores, vegetable oils and plant seeds such as flaxseed oil, which serve to retain moisture. Mode will apply with a cloth, and let will have to absorb naturally, without rinsing or wither.

To keep the perfect soil, special treatment should be repeated from time to time, and will be protected against the worst enemies abroad, such as the sun or rain, and will have a bright color and brightness as the first day.

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