Installing Crown Coved Ceiling

Coved Ceiling – Crown molding frames are placed between the walls and the ceiling. They tend to be decorative, but can also serve to hide flaws. This type of frame can be installed indoors or outside corners of walls. The angles for each corner are different, but are cut following the same principle. Crown molding can also join in large walls without corners involved.

Inside corners can be made in two ways. You can cut a corner of 45 degrees after the lower end of the frame against the lower edge of the base of the saw and the back plate by adjusting the base to cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Remember that it will be installed to the coved ceiling, so the back plate of the saw will be acting as your wall at ceiling height. The second piece will need to be cut in the opposite angle.

The inner corners can also be cut holding the frame against the saw and adjusting the angles to 31.62 and 33.9 degrees (most miter saws have marked these angles). Turn the saw and cut the frame pieces carefully. Thanks for your visit my site and reading our post about installing crown coved ceiling.

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