Cleaning Teak Lounge Chair

Teak Lounge Chair Design

Teak lounge chair – Made of wood of a tropical tree Asia rare, teak garden furniture is wanted for its simple beauty and their ability to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Teak furniture is usually left untreated, allowing the natural wood to disappear from its original golden color over time to a silvery gray. Natural teak requires very little maintenance and cleaning; based soft soap oil and water will remove most stains. You can take some steps to keep teak furniture looking its best.

Cleaning teak lounge chair, Apply a mild soap, oil-based, such as oil soap furniture with a soft bristle brush. Mild soap should remove most stains. For a more thorough cleaning to remove mold, mix a quart. Sudsy ammonia and laundry detergent high phosphate as Wisk 1/2 cap on a five gallon bucket, and apply to wood with a soft bristle brush. The detergent removes dirt, and ammonia neutralizes bacteria. Let the mixture sit in the timber for 5-15 minutes.

Teak lounge chair furniture, Rinse well but gently with a hose. Let the furniture dry air. Apply teak oil to dry, clean teak furniture. Teak oil replenishes natural oils teak to maintain smooth and glossy finish of the wood. But note that oiled teak wood is more prone to develop mold, so cleaned more often.

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