Create Wild West Feel with 3 Western Bar Stools

Although you are living in urban places, Western bar stools are wonderful to add interest both in design and function. Enjoy the rustic feel with a warm and inviting atmosphere. There are commonly three types of bar stools with western style. Saddle in round and rectangular and cowhide! Each time of them has unique features to become unique piece for home improvement furniture ideas.

Rectangular saddle is modern style that interesting with some great values. It is made of wood that finished smoother than the rustic style. Round shaped is more rustic than modern. Legs and the seat are constructed at high quality to serve amusing. Here come the unique colored western style bar stools! Cowhide bar stools are made of cowhide print seat that indeed very interesting to add value of luxury and style. Brown and white, black and white and other patterns that naturally exclusive are optional. There are also faux versions too.

Wrought iron legs are used in the rustic styles. I love the swivel designs that offer much more functionality in design for comfort. Tooled leather bar stools are now taking place as one of the most interesting choices today.

So are you interested in adding Wild West atmosphere into your room? Western bar stools are for sure a great choice.