Creative Headboard Bedroom Sets to Inspire You

New Headboard Bedroom Sets

Headboard bedroom sets – A headboard is more than just a board to sit up in bed. As an elegant piece that highlights the bed, a headboard transforms a bedroom space. A bed without looking pretty bare. But you can make a unique headboard for a bed without an expensive price tag. Try a tufted, upholstered headboard constructed of plywood cut to size. Then, trimmed with decorative curves and covered with fabric that complements the room’s bedding and curtains. The robust structure plywood board will provide sufficient support to the headboard when it is screw on the bed frame or wall mount.

Old, weathered doors make interesting headboard bedroom sets designs. The door panels and peeling lead-free paint add character to the bedroom. If you do not want the weathered look, paint the door a coordinating room color. The door may need to cut down to match the width of the bed. Or if it’s wider than the bed. The bed can be center against the door and nightstands on either side of the bed can help balance the length of the door.

The door headboard bedroom sets can be placed on the bed, if its width is high enough to reach the height of the bed of a standard headboard. If the door is not so wide, so place it on the wall. In this way headboard become more visible as part of the room’s decor.

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