Crystal Door Knobs Antique Brass

Crystal Door Knobs with Lock

Crystal door knobs – Crystal and glass may appear to look the same to the naked eye, but their composition is what gives two important differences. While all of the crystals made of glass, not all can be classified as a crystal glass.

Crystal glass is usually categorized as having a percentage of the tin oxide is added to the composition. Unleaded, and other frequent small infusion of different elements, added to the makeup of the product – the composition just what we call the silica glass base. So let’s say you decide to install crystal door knobs or on your kitchen cabinets. You do not really care about the price or design, but which one will be the longest lasting? So, which of these two materials will be more durable? The answer is crystal, but hope that it will come at an additional cost.

Because of the addition of lead into a glass, crystal heavier than peers. Therefore, the added weight gives crystals more durability in the long term. On a side note, the crystal is also clearer and brighter than glass, and can reflect light better. This is why some people prefer crystal lamps and candles in them, in order to give their rooms a bright atmosphere and more beautiful. Crystal door knobs are actually softer than glass and can break easily when dropped. However, the composition of crystals allows for better protection against wind and weather elements of glass not.



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