Retractable Stairs

Curious Tricks to Decorate Retractable Stairs

Retractable stairs – In large houses, especially those that already have many years of history behind them; it is not at all strange to find a retractable staircase that allows access to last floor of house. Advantage of these retractable ladders is that they can be removed and stored as needed up or down room. As in any other aspect of home decoration. There are also tricks to decorate retractable in a curious and original way.

First of all you have to know that usually these retractable stairs are usually indoors. So you should not follow any precautions regarding choice of materials given that stairs will not be expose to elements. There are usually two types of ladders of this kind. Wooden stairs and aluminum ladders. Wooden stairs are most variety of decoration allow. First of all, a great idea to add sparkle . And look much more colorful is to varnish steps. We must use a varnish specially designed for steps, since we cannot risk having a fall because of decoration of stairs.

Instead, aluminum retractable stairs are much simpler to decorate. Simply choose a paint of some color off (black, gray, etcetera) and paint stairs with a brush. In this simple way it is possible to give a much more elegant appearance to stairs, since color aluminum does not fit in any decorative style of house.

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