Curtains for Sliding Glass Door Ideas

Wonderful Curtains for Sliding Glass Door

Curtains for sliding glass door – When choosing curtains for sliding glass doors, consider the functionality and desired light penetration before deciding on a window treatment. Sliding glass doors made of two sliding windows, creating a large window in the area where they are installed. Because of this, curtains desired for privacy or simply to reduce the light transmission of the space.

Single Panel curtains for sliding glass door. A large curtain consists of a single panel fabric provides functional light blocking and privacy. Several textiles are useful to create single panel curtain, usually hung from an aluminum runner 2 to 4 inches above the sliding glass door. Light-medium thickness textiles provide a privacy barrier while still allowing some light penetration through the door. A heavy fabric provides complete light blocking and privacy. Single panel curtain offers a solid barrier against the sliding glass door as opposed to other options that may only cover part of the door.

Double Panel curtains for sliding glass door. Double panel curtains or curtains hung from both sides of the door offers functionality paired with design options. Double panel curtains are typically installed on a single aluminum runner over the door, the curtains to glide varied distances from the sides of the door. If desired, draw the panels together to create a solid privacy barrier or withdraw them for both sides to provide decoration. Double panel curtains are made of many materials but are typically made of heavy fabric to allow for complete privacy and light blocking.

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