Wonderful Curved Window Curtain Rod

Curved Window Curtain Rod Installation

Curved window curtain rod – To install curved window curtain rod, first steps is take your old shower rod. Second mark on the wall where the brackets are attached with a pencil. The position of three inches closer to the shower wall than there right rod was installed – this compensates for the basket while being able to tuck the ends of the curtain in the bath. Place a bracket of your characters and push a pencil point through the empty screw holes to mark where their pilot holes will be drilled on the wall.

Third steps to window curtain rod installation is measure from the top edge of the vessel on both sides of the shower with a tape measure to ensure that the screw marks are at the same height on both sides. Fourth drill holes for bracket screws with a 1/4-inch drill bit. For sheetrock, insert a Phillips screwdriver a decorator anchor and press it into the pilot hole, turning it clockwise until it is flush with the wall. Repeat for all screws.

For tile, using a glass / tile 1/4 inch drill bit. Fifth attach the brackets to the wall. Sixth place the curtain rod into brackets, after all manufacturers’ instructions. Last tighten all screws. Your curved window curtain rod installation was done.

What kind of curtain rods to use

There are many different types of curtain rods on the market, each one has its own application. The type of curtain rod needed depends largely on the style of the curtain that hung, as well as the type of window curtain will hang in. Curtain rods not only vary in style, but in cost. Simple, ordinary curtain rods are usually inexpensive, while more sophisticated styles can cost a lot more.

Standard curtain rods are plain-Jane hardware in the world of curtain rods. Use this type of rod for most typical windows applications including hanging sheers, panel curtains, pleated and ruffled curtains and even some types of valances. Most standard rods are made of aluminum, because it is a light material with the ability to keep most light to medium heavy curtains and drapes.

Standard Curtain Rods

Typically, white in color, are standard rods normally hidden by gardinings the rod. Standard Curtain rods are available in various lengths and widths, though larger staffs. Include the central support brackets except finish mounts, to support the curtain weight without bending or bowing.

Tension curtain rods, also known as spring rods, suitable to the inside of a window frame and requires no drapery hardware. At the end of the rods pressed against the wall by means of rubber stoppers that are perfect for apartment and rental home residents. Because the clots will not mark up or damage the wall. The rods twist to increase or decrease the length of the rod in order to fit within the window frame. Curtains hang on these types of rods either with curtain hooks or by sliding the rod through the pocket in the curtain. Curtains can be hung from the pull rods with rings cafe.

Tie rods work well with rod pocket curtains, tab-top curtains, eyelet headed curtains and a curtain that can be hung with cafe rings. Tension rods are available in many different lengths and different diameters. As usual sticks, white tie rods are the most common; however, can also be bought stakes in many colors.