Custom Fiberglass Door Panels


Fiberglass Door Panels – Choose the best doors for houses involves finding the balance between style, power saving, functionality and cost. Choosing a right outer door requires consideration of all these factors plus the budget. The fiberglass doors offer the same energy saving features that as steel doors, combined with the appearance of wooden doors. The materials, size and options exterior doors will influence the price. Steel doors are the most economical, followed by the fiberglass door panels and wooden doors. Beyond the purchase cost, builders and homeowners should to weigh the impact of energy efficiency, maintenance costs and tax credits.

Wood, fiberglass and steel are the most common materials doors and each has its advantages. With its low price and low maintenance characteristics, galvanized steel door is a practical option. When they are filled with a polystyrene base, steel doors meet the requirements of “energy star” and are available with flammability rating of 90 minutes. Stronger than fiberglass or wood, steel offers the best security and can be compatible with building codes for hurricane prone areas. The disadvantage of fiberglass door panels is showing the effects of wear and tear over the doors fiberglass or wood. The substantial weight of a wooden door provides a sense.

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