Decorate with Wall Crosses

Wooden Wall Crosses

Wall crosses – First, revision look and feel of your room. What decorating style?  Write down notes on furniture, rugs, wall types, and other decor of the room. Second, note colors in the room. Attend more than just colors on the walls and furniture, pay attention to the tones of the room. You do not want to buy silver cross of the room when all else is gold, or vice versa.

Third, measure the wall where you plan to hang crosses. Also determine whether the furniture in the room is at an angle or centered on the wall. Be aware of how much space the furniture occupies on the wall. Buy wall crosses to match the style, color and size of the room. If you have furniture with straight, clean lines; choose a cross, which is simpler as well, without a lot of decorations.

Last, place cross out on the floor if you are working with more than one, and arrange them before to make holes in wall. Get ideas for wall placement by looking through interior design magazines or online sites. Wall crosses photos are placed can be placed in the same way paintings. A few ideas include placing one cross in the middle with 2 smaller crosses on each side, or switch between a few small and large crosses.

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