Decorating Doorway Curtain

Elegant Doorway Curtain

Doorway curtain – The doors do not tend to fit so well in their frames and windows, and often have deficiencies entire framework that makes noise and light. No curtain can ever be totally soundproof, but a thick curtain hung inside a door can be effective to dampen background noise, such as road drones, and also help block the light. For maximum efficiency, the curtain must be constructed three layers thick.

For maximum efficiency, sound-proof doorway curtain should hang high above the door with a generous overlap on both sides. If the threshold is at the center of a wall, a feature of the curtain which is as tall and wide as possible. However, remember that the curtain will be very heavy and can be difficult to establish if it is too high. A solution to this is to use special curtains rails have a bar and handle to give more influence. If your door is in a corner, it may not be enough room for a bulky curtain that can be pulled back against the wall.

Doorway curtain place the right side lining material down and extend the wool medium layer on top. Fold a hem wool lining and hand-sewing the two layers together. Place the top layer of the fabric right side down and spread the coating layers on top. Fold one edge of the upper fabric over the lining and hand sewing or sewing machine instead. Add the tape header at the top of the curtain. There will be a lot of tension in the heading tape, so use high strength wire and put two lines of stitching on the top of the tape. Press the curtain before hanging up.

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