Window Treatments Valances Style

Designing Window Treatments Valances

Window treatments valances – In 2010, lighter and less obtrusive drapery treatments are very popular in homes. A completely naked window may seem cold, but a simple rod pocket valance will easily add softness to the top of the window while elegantly conceals shade and blind hardware. With easy to take measurements, a custom valance is a simple but effective treatment for many windows

To designing window treatments valances, target window from the outside molding on the one hand to the outside casting of the other part, and add 2 inches, or provide for, the preferred width for the window, to determine the width of the window treatments valances. Multiply measurement. Cotton weight fabric to determine the extent necessary to permit an adequate fill in the finished Valance. Divide this measurement of the width of the purchased substance and round to the nearest whole width of the fabric. This determines how many widths of fabric going across the window.

Determine the length of Valance for window treatments valances. Rod pocket caps are usually 12 to 15 inches wide, or approximately 1/6 the size of the window length, including the header or ruffle is placed on top of the rod. Multiply the number of purchased fabric width needed to cover the window with appropriate density, the length determined and divide by 36 inches to calculate the raw yardage required for the valance.