Did You See the Wonderful Window Cornice?


Window cornice – The choice of the cornice for curtains cannot only affect the perception of interior space, but also its size: well-chosen ledge can visually roof “lift”, “expand” is too narrow wall to give the room a small volume.

Curtains should always correspond to the select style interior, fits in color and complement the big picture. Play an important role in the decoration of the room, but not least, and window cornice. In addition to the ledge it leads the constructive task – to keep the curtains, to ensure reliable operation, easy opening and closing, but must also match stylistically and fits perfectly inside.

By choosing a window cornice for curtains covering the window all Wall entire length of the eaves must be two or three less than the distance from the wall and the wall centimeters. In this case, note that the mounting points of the long eaves should be at least three! If the flange is located just above the window, the media on which it is attached, must be behind the opening of the window, otherwise it will not be able to open the window completely, and parted the curtains will close part of the glazing. In this case the length of the overhang should be thirty to forty longer than the width of the window opening centimeters.

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