Dimensions of Full Size Trundle Beds for Adults

Awesome Full Size Trundle Beds for Adults

Full size trundle beds for adults are also called a double bed. Double beds are wider than two beds, but not as wide as queen beds. The length of the double or full-size bed is the same as a double bed, which is shorter than a queen-size bed. There are pros and cons of having a full-size bed. Double beds are 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. The bed is the same length as a twin-size bed, but the width is 6 inches narrower than a queen-size bed.


Full size trundle beds for adults offer more sleeping for one person than a single bed provides. Sheets for a double bed are cheaper than sheets for a queen or king bed. Manufacturers make queen / full duvets that measure 88 inches by 88 inches to fit on a double bed or a double bed if you upgrade to a queen bed. Double beds fit into smaller rooms that cannot accommodate a queen or king size bed.


People, who are longer than five meters, five inches will find the bed too short. There are only 27 inches of sleeping space per person if two people share the bed. This is 12 inches less than the width of full size trundle beds for adults, which is 39 inches wide. Sheet set is sold to fit the mattress length and width, as well as the depth of the mattress. Standard sheets fit 7- to 9-inch deep mattresses.

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