Distressed Wood Flooring Antique Design

Distressed Wood Flooring Living Room Design

Distressed wood flooring – The first thing you will find out when you go to choose your hard wood floors is that no two products are created exactly the same. You will see solid wood flooring, parquet flooring and even laminate. Laminates can look like wood, but that is where the similarity ends. Solid wood flooring is exactly what it says, a solid piece of wood for each plank. These types of flooring have a lot of limitations, but also provide a lot of options for refinishing over the years.

Another popular choice, the winner of solid wood every day, is a distressed wood flooring because of their construction, these floors are generally longer life and more stable than solid wood, especially in humid conditions. The cost of sustainability, however, is that you are limited to refinishing. The choice is up to you, so consider what you want and need, and decides which is best for you.

Older houses usually come complete with old floor is distressed wood flooring. Newer home, but requires a certain amount of creativity and innovation to mimic the look of worn and distressed floors commonplace in older, vintage homes. Without changing the color or stain a wood floor, you can torment and age of wood to give it a custom, distressed and older look.

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