Diy Fantastic Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Wall mount bottle opener – I have a fantastic idea for all of you and it’s super easy to do, this is a bottle opener made from planks of pallets. Any lover of beer will stay in love with this idea, and may be definitive added to our garden or kitchen. first step is to dismantle a wooden pallet to get tables we need, then we will cut these tables with following measures long: 3 tables 10cm (4 “), a 15 cm (6”) and longer approximately 53cm (21 “) in any case these measures do not have to be exact, since tables that you may receive pallets can modify design of opener. To begin with we will form a “U” using 3 table’s 10cm (4 “) wood glue helping us.

When we have this little box will hook it to long table, to end to form what will be opener wooden structure, again with glue will glue. Now is a good time to sanding and varnishing wood and give a better finished wall mount bottle opener. Once this structure will already finished metallic opener screw you lack to already have it almost ready, we will help electric screwdriver to fix opener.

Last detail that will be to finalize wall mount bottle opener will add small metal brackets in most visible corners of box with screws, this step is optional but will beautify and strengthen drawer opener, so it is recommended. To fix it to wall jut will like this one piton if hangs a picture and we will do same with opener, you must secure it since plate when removing bottles suffer these pitons force us to do.

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