Patio Doorway Curtains

Doorway Curtains Decoration

Doorway curtains – If your door is placed in the center of a wall, make a curtain function so it is as high and wide as possible. However, remember that the curtain will be very heavy and can be difficult to establish if it is too high. A solution to this is to use rails of special curtains that have a bar and manage to give more influence. If your front door is in a corner, it may not be enough room for a bulky curtain that can be pulled back against the wall. If possible, put the curtain on the opposite side of the door. Alternatively, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology has developed a light-proof material sound that is currently marketed as ready-made curtains.

The doorway curtains should be made of three layers of thick fabric. The top layer is visible, and must be made of a thick material such as decorative brocade, wool serge, and velvet. The middle layer is wool, which has excellent sound dampening properties.

Doorway curtains, the bottom layer should be lining blackout, which is thicker than the ordinary curtain coating because it has been treated with a rubber backing. Use the heaviest gauge curtain heading that can be found. As the curtain is so thick, you may not sew on a home sewing machine, and may have to use an industrial sewing machine or hand sewing.

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