Drop Ceiling Hooks Accessories

Drop Ceiling Hooks Steel

Drop ceiling hooks – the type of fastener is chosen according to the weight of the object, the roof structure and strength of the material to be drilled. There are different types of roof and each requires specific methods of suspension. Examine carefully and support a test drilling is inescapable preconditions to determine the type of ideal solution.

In the first centimeter, the drill sinks without any difficulty, as through the layer of plaster, and then suddenly gets vacuum. In this case, we can deduce that the perforation has been made between two beams and the frame just drilled. As we know about drop ceiling hooks and so, if you want to hang a light object, choose an expandable or universal mounting, as the tilting hook, which will fit very well to the ceiling void. Instead, if you have to hang a heavy object, it is better to move the attachment to another place, or give it up, because the frame could not stand alone heavy traction.

Another case: if you notice that after crossing the plaster layer is some resistance the drill hole and falls sawdust, you can deduct that is drilling the beam, drop ceiling hooks. A simple eye bolt or lag screws will secure means of fixing to ensure even heavy object.

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