Dye Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Cherry Hardwood Flooring Decoration

Cherry hardwood flooring – Brazilian cherry wood (Hymenaea courbaril) comes jatoba tree, a species native to South and Central America. Harder than oak, which is durable, it is not easily dent and is resistant to insects. Many outlets carry floors prefinished wood flooring of Brazilian cherry with a clear finish. A clear finish accentuates the reddish wood tones. But wood stains unfinished Brazilian Cherry is good and solid.

Among hardwoods, Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring is one of the toughest species. On the scale of Janka hardness test measures the resistance of a forest dents, Brazilian cherry wood has a capacity of 2350. By way of comparison, mahogany is classified in 2200. Oak, a common hardwood used for the ground around 1300. This averages hardness, as well as insect resistant and adaptable appearance properties, makes it a popular choice of flooring.

Although clear stain highlights the natural shades of reddish brown wood, Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring adapts to most stains. To prepare wood for staining, it should be sanded. Due to the hardness of this wood, Flooring County recommends sand and finishes the floors professionally. Color wood Brazilian cherry ‘of becomes more pronounced with age. When you choose a stain, consider that grow darker with time. Also, there are wide variations of color in this kind of wood.

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