Easily Build a Laundry Chute Door

Laundry Chute Door Ideas


Laundry chute door – A laundry chute can be a practical means of transporting clothes from an upper floor of your home to a lower floor. With right tools and knowledge, you can easily build a laundry chute at home and save time and energy. Before starting construction, you should consult with your local building inspector, as ramps laundry are strictly prohibited in many cities – due to fact that if there is a fire in your home, spread much more quickly if there is a conduit laundry in house.

How to build laundry chute door? Find a convenient location on your laundry room using your home plans and measuring tape. Accurately measure on each floor containing laundry chute, so that you do not cut through floor joists or electrical wiring or plumbing.  Cut a square hole in ground with circular saw. This hole should be large enough so that clothes can easily fit through, but small enough to be covered by cabinet.

Form metal ductwork so that hole is cut suits. Ductwork must extend along length of floor to ensure a free way of snagging when you drop clothes for laundry chute door. Ducts can be purchased at a supply store for home, and you can use heating ducts. Length of ductwork will depend on how far strike extends, but will be at least a couple of meters long, to account for width of floor at home. Connect cabinet to floor of laundry chute with hammer and nails. Make sure it is safe, and that a child or pet cannot move it or turn it. Length of nails you use depends on your soil. Floors require thicker longer nails, while thinner floor require shorter.

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