Bifold Closet Door Pulls Models

Easy Installing Bifold Closet Door Pulls

Bifold closet door pulls – Bifold doors are commonly thought of as closet doors in bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways. They open by pulling a button. Door gaps create bifold. These doors come in various sizes and allow homeowners to place cabinets wherever there is a small additional wall space. Another advantage is doors take up half space when they are open and can be placed in small areas such as laundry rooms or narrow corridors, where space is limited

To install bifold closet door pulls, remove all hardware from original door or doors. Measure top of cabinet and side of cabinet. Find midpoint and mark it on wall. This will guide you use to place hardware. Keep top guide rail on wall. Mark with a pencil where screws go. Living in these holes. Insert anchors. Unscrew top rail into top of closet.

Measure bottom of closet. Find midpoint of bottom of closet. Fix lower shaft kit from door to wall with screw. Make sure that bottom part of shaft plate is planar and screw it into floor. Place bifold closet door pulls in top rail. There will be a stationary piece having a small hole that upper part of door will fit. top is spring-loaded so it will bend. Place lower shafts of shaft plate. This is a small post-like piece that fits into hole on shaft plate.